In addition to expunctions, a Defendant who was placed on Deferred Adjudication probation may be eligible to have his arrest and court records sealed from the public. This relatively new law allows a judge to order public entities to withhold information about a Defendant under certain circumstances, although it does allow law enforcement agencies to retrieve records on such charges/offenses. One nice provision of the new law is that you can prevent private web sites from disseminating your information once you have your record sealed and notify them of the same. Certain offenses, for example murder, aggravated kidnaping, sexual assaults, assault with family violence, injury to a child, and stalking, are excluded from the sealing statue. Additionally, there is a two year waiting period from the last day of probation or incarceration for most misdemeanors and a similar five year waiting period for felonies. Some misdemeanors have no waiting period, such as Possession of Marijuana, Theft, Driving with Licence Expired and Criminal Trespass.